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Library: Principals Reading Challenge

Welcome to the Reading Challenge....


Party Time 

Tuesday September 8 

Lunchtime in the Library

If you have met the challenge, you're invited!!!

Suggested Reading List

The file below is a list of books that are on the Premier's Reading Challenge list for 2015.  It includes books suitable for Years 7-10

Requirements of the Challenge

The Principal's Reading Challenge is a part of the Koonung Library calendar every year.  It is modeled on the Premier's Reading Challenge, but has some unique rules and regulations.....

  1. Students are not limited to a particular reading list, but rather, are free to read from items of their choice.  Material in a unique format (graphic novels for example) will be negotiated as to their weighting.
  2. Students are rewarded according to a points system as opposed to the number of books read.

Points System

To achieve the challenge, students are required to reach a minimum of 50 reading points.  For every 50 pages a student reads, they are awarded 1 reading point.  Therefore, to meet the challenge, students must read a total of 2500 pages.

House Points

Every point earned goes towards your house 

PRC Party 2014

Celebration Cake

Cake Cutting

Mr Tuckerman enjoying the festivities

Mr Wright handing out certificates

Yum Yum






If you would like any information about the Principal's Reading Challenge, please send you queries to...